Are Your Back-to-School Intentions Quickly Fading? Here’s What to Do!

Here we are at the start of a new school year. Lots of different emotions may be coming up for you and your kids already.

We all start out with the intention to experience a positive school year for ourselves and for our kids. But why does that intention seem to fade so quickly?

1) Sudden onset of anxious thoughts.

As vibrational beings we are always picking up on energies around us. This includes the thoughts and emotions of others.

Thoughts do not simply fly away into no-where land. When a thought is focused upon over and over, it becomes a thought-form.

When a particular thought is focused on by more than one person, particularly a group of people, it becomes stronger and much more of a possibility of being created in our day-to-day experiences.

This is why it's SO IMPORTANT not to watch the fearful news stories that conjure up images of doom and negative experiences. The more we watch and think about it, especially with strong emotion, the more we lend ourselves to it's continued creation in the world. No thanks!

If we have been vibrating at a similar frequency to a thought-form out in the field, we then pick-up on it more easily. Think like attracts like.

This is why many of us may feel good one morning and then WHAM, anxiety hits us like a ton of bricks out of seemingly nowhere.

This is also why many kids go to school and then come home with anxiety and don't know why they feel that way. Most thoughts they are picking up on aren't theirs. (for help with training them to stop this pattern and to protect their energy field go to the bottom of the article or reach out to me via email for more info)

Here's an example: You have been watching the news about how to protect children from dangers. It makes you feel anxious. You drop your kids off to school and out of nowhere, you feel very anxious but don’t know where it is coming from.

You picked-up on thought-forms that are an energetic match to where you have been focused. Chances are other parents were having similar thoughts about the fear and danger and you picked up on it.

Solution: Keep your thoughts as clear and focused as you possibly can. Ask yourself:  What do I want to experience in MY reality?

2) You are distracted by SHOULDS

We all know this place as parents and teachers. The school year starts and we have so much to do for ourselves and our kids and it begins to get crazy.

We start creating chaotic energy with all the buzzing in our mind and then Law of Attraction brings us more chaos.

With so much we have to do in today’s world it seems the demands on us and our kids never end but we always have a choice.

Most of the time we are saying YES to things we think we SHOULD do because we have been programmed to do what everyone else does. 

Give yourself permission to create boundaries for yourself and your kids with the things you think you and they "SHOULD" be doing. This includes the demands of school, homework and outside obligations.

Too much is simply too much. Know your boundaries and their boundaries.

If an activity or obligation becomes overwhelming for them or you, that is emotional guidance saying this is not beneficial to your well-being.

Solution: Give yourself permission to say NO and LET GO. It will change your energy and that allows things to fall into place on their own.

3) Distracted focus

Along with those ‘shoulds’ in our life, we lose our focus on our main intention. When our attention leaves our intention because we are scattered, we no longer give power to what we truly desire so it fades away.

Solution: Keep it simple. Find 3 simple high-vibrational words for how you would like to experience yourself.

You can write those words and place them in different areas in your home. Upon awakening, state your intention and tap into the feeling-place of those vibrations. Breathe them in and anchor them in your physical body.

Remind yourself of your intention through-out the day so you build your energetic field with these vibrational energies.

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Learn how to work with these energies to shift from struggle to flow and ease.

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About the Author Julie K

Youth Empowerment Coach, Trainer and Mentor Julie Kleinhans works with parents, teachers, and youth practitioners by supporting them to empower the kids in their lives to be successful and embrace their own uniqueness. Get her FREE Guide for Parents and Teachers on What Every Kid Needs to Know to Be Empowered at

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