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Supporting Teens Through Tough Times

Today’s kids have ENORMOUS potential to create a wonderful life, more than ever in human history. However, they are also facing more challenges than ever before. Take a look at the table below. Is your teen dealing with any of these issue? Coming from my own experience as a high school teacher, mentor and coach, I have […]

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Are Your Back-to-School Intentions Quickly Fading? Here’s What to Do!

Here we are at the start of a new school year. Lots of different emotions may be coming up for you and your kids already. We all start out with the intention to experience a positive school year for ourselves and for our kids. But why does that intention seem to fade so quickly? 1) Sudden onset […]

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Healing Through Self-Love

We all want our kids to understand self-love as the key to a happy and meaningful life.  When I founded Successful Kids Revolution my mission began as a means to support parents, teachers and youth practitioners with teachings, tools, resources and programs for the kids they love.  In my own search for healing and my commitment […]

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Teaching from the Heart

I hear from so many parents that truly want to be more centered, calm and accepting with their kids but feel frustrated with trying so hard and not making much progress. It feels like you’re on that hamster wheel, an endless loop of exerting effort and energy yet it seems like you are getting no-where.You want […]

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Feeling Crazy? Here’s what to do

These days we are all dealing with the overwhelming emotions such as stress, anxiety, burn-out and even depression and sadness. You are not crazy or alone in this and there are easy-to-use tools to help you. This week’s question comes to us from Patricia: I consider myself a mindful person as I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation […]

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What’s Up Wednesday’s

Help with Girl Drama!This week’s question comes to us from Kristin:My daughter is 11 years old and is in 5th grade.  She has been very successfully dealing with “girl drama” in her class this year, which included her being excluded by the “cool. girls”, the boy crush stuff and of course the typical which girl […]

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The Importance of Raising Children with an Abundant Mindset

I cannot speak for everyone but I’m pretty certain that most of us were raised and educated based on a lack mindset. What is a lack mindset you ask? It is one in which we see and believe in limitation. For example, when a situation does not go as planned, do you look at all […]

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How to Remove the Worry About Your Child’s Future

As a parent, it’s extremely easy to worry about your child’s future. You want the very best for them. As they are getting older, you may find yourself becoming more concerned about what their future will look like and if they will become a confident, happy, productive adult. How to Remove the Worry About Your […]

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Empowered Parents: 3 Options You Have Right Now to Shift Out of Homework Overwhelm

Now that the new school year is well under way, parents and students are feeling the usual pressure of staying on top of school responsibilities, particularly homework.Here in the United States, most schools have implemented the Common Core Standards, which according to most parents, teachers and students that I have heard from, feel it is […]

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3 Tips to Shift Your Mindset from Survival to Allowing

One of the most limiting beliefs that play out in our day to day lives is that of ‘survival mode’. Now you may be saying, ‘I’m not living my life in survival mode’, but let’s take a deeper look at what that really means and see if you can recognize any patterns of survival mode […]

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