Teaching from the Heart

I hear from so many parents that truly want to be more centered, calm and accepting with their kids but feel frustrated with trying so hard and not making much progress.

It feels like you’re on that hamster wheel, an endless loop of exerting effort and energy yet it seems like you are getting no-where.

You want to find lasting solutions to your family struggles so badly but your exhausted from trying so hard.

The fighting, the lack of boundaries, stress, worry and resistance all play out like an exhausting reality TV drama, only it’s happening in your real life. It leads you to wonder what you did wrong and if it can truly get any better. (You did nothing wrong).

Since you're part of the Successful Kids Revolution family, you know that everything is energy and that energy dictates the experience of what you're living out in your life experiences.

So what is blocking you from being able to truly step into a space of ease and grace when it comes to changing what is not working for you and your family?

Ou​r society is programmed to figure-it-out ​using the mind for everything in our lives. Through our schooling and familial rituals, we go about life trying to figure ​everything out with our thoughts. There is nothing wrong with this approach and it is a very much necessary part of being human.

But that is only half of who we are meant to be!

The most important part of shifting your ​problems starts with your sacred heart.  It is not a thought but a feeling within that opens like a beautiful lotus flower in the center of your heart.

Supporting our children in all of life comes from your Sacred Heart. To do this, you need to allow for this Divinity within to emerge. 

Step 1: Start with YOU first.

First begin with calling upon your Higher Self​. Ask your Higher Self to lead the way in the opening of your Sacred Heart.

As you move into meditation, focus on the area of your heart center and begin to visualize and feel this center opening up to the light within.

As you commit to this journey of opening to your Sacred Heart, your life will begin to transform. You become magnetic to blessings, which is where all solutions exist.

Step 2: You must trust and KNOW that you are Divine and Worthy of this sacred power that transforms everything.

​The way to trust comes with surrender, prayer and commitment. Once you commit to this path, you will not be let down.​​​

​You don't ​​have to think your way out of ​all your life’s problems! To know that you can move into your Sacred Heart and allow for blessings to unfold ​for you is the gift you give yourself.

I am beginning a monthly prayer circle of light in which all are invited.

I invite you to join me in opening your Sacred Heart to receive blessings into your life.  As a community, together we will open our Sacred Hearts and invite blessings into our lives and share those blessings with our families, communities and all of humanity.

Here are the details to access our very first Sacred Heart Blessings prayer circle:

Topic: Sacred Heart Blessings
Time: Aug 13, 2018 9:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

​Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

**Come with any prayers you would like answered. 

P.S.~Know a friend that may be struggling to find answers to their struggles? Invite them by sharing the registration page (link above). You can also use the sharing icons on the registration page.

About the Author Julie K

Youth Empowerment Coach, Trainer and Mentor Julie Kleinhans works with parents, teachers, and youth practitioners by supporting them to empower the kids in their lives to be successful and embrace their own uniqueness. Get her FREE Guide for Parents and Teachers on What Every Kid Needs to Know to Be Empowered at SuccessfulKidsRevolution.com


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