The Importance of Raising Children with an Abundant Mindset

I cannot speak for everyone but I’m pretty certain that most of us were raised and educated based on a lack mindset. What is a lack mindset you ask? It is one in which we see and believe in limitation. For example, when a situation does not go as planned, do you look at all the things that went wrong with the situation or do you look at what went right and for opportunities to learn and grow?

Another example of a lack mindset is comparing ourselves to others. Looking at how you are less-than or better-than another person is based on lack because those thoughts hold the belief that you are not enough just as you are or that another person should be different somehow.

When it comes to young people, a very common lack-based belief they hold is that others do not want to support them or that life works against them. They may hold the belief that there is limitation to what they can achieve and the opportunities that are available to them in any given moment. When this happens, they feel hopeless. And when young people feel hopeless, they make decisions that are not for their highest good. 

The truth is, the universe is a lovingly abundant place. The universe only knows abundance. The universe adores each and every one of us so much that it gives us whatever we desire. The key is that what we desire must be spoken in the language of vibration, of energy.

There are so many false beliefs and premises that we were taught growing up and that we continue to perpetuate in the world by raising and educating our kids to hold the same mindset.

What this is doing is creating even more lack and so we continue to experience in our lives. It feeds this never-ending cycle of struggle and pain. 

Would this cycle help you to make decisions about what you want to do with your life or do you think it may hold you back? Do you see how important it is to break this cycle?

When we feel that we are not enough (lack) or believe that we do not have enough (lack), or think that others do not support us (lack), then we give off an energetic vibration that says to the universe “I am lack, give me more. I like this because it is where I am choosing to focus”.

Now the majority of us are not consciously choosing to vibrate in a place of lack, we’ve just been programmed to think this way. We’ve been sold the lie of lack and limitation and bought it lock, stock and barrel!

I had no idea that this was the case until I started to really question what life is all about. I wanted to find ways to make life better for myself and others and in doing so I found out the truth about the Universal Laws. One of them is the Law of Abundance, which simply states that the universe is an abundant place. However, if you focus on lack, then you will get just that—an abundance of lack. That’s a lot of lack!

A lack-based mindset is the reason that it seems that we cannot get ahead in life or achieve the things we really desire. But this is an illusion. All you have to do is begin to consciously work on your beliefs and then your energy field (your vibration) will change and by virtue of the law of attraction, so will your outer reality.

One of my biggest missions in this life is to change the way we raise and educate our children so that they can grow up to be happy, confident, successful and live well balanced lives.

It is important that we begin to change things for the younger generation so they do not have to work so hard in changing their limiting beliefs once they become adults. 

If our children are given a solid foundation now, this solid foundation will become the beliefs that create a magnificent life filled with opportunities, unlimited joy, nourishing relationships, adventure, and good-will toward humanity and the planet.

Let’s take a look at some of the important beliefs that are associated with an abundant mindset and compare them to that of a lack mindset as it relates to life and young people.

Lack- I will never be able to get this. It’s not possible.

Abundant- There is always opportunity for me to grow and learn. I’m doing just fine.

Lack-Nobody likes me. People treat me badly.

Abundant-I like me and because I like me, others treat me how I treat myself.

Lack-I have to fight for my share.

Abundant-There is plenty for everyone.

Lack-I have to compete with others for attention.

Abundant-I am in harmony with others.

Lack-I have to prove myself to feel worthy.

Abundant-I am worthy just as I am.

Lack-If I don’t get better grades, I will never be successful.

Abundant-I have unique talents and gifts and as I focus on those, they get stronger.

Lack-I have to do what others expect of me or they won’t like me.

Abundant-Other people like me for who I am. I am free to be myself.

Lack-There aren’t enough jobs out there for me to pursue my life’s purpose.

Abundant- I follow my passion and put my heart into what I want to do and the universe provides me with opportunities.

Lack-I have to live in fear of others hurting me.

Abundant-I am safe in this world and I am divinely guided and protected.

Lack-I will not get into a good college because I’m not smart enough.

Abundant-There are plenty of options for me. It’s a huge exciting world with lots to choose from.

I can tell you from direct experience in working with teenagers and young adults as a former high school teacher and now coach and mentor, kids raised and educated with a lack mindset experience some form of fear, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, confusion, anger, depression and more.

When a teenager makes decisions based on a lack mindset, what do you think they will choose? To pursue their dreams or to hold back? To be an inspiration or a follower? Love or fear? Expansion or constriction?

I see parents worrying all the time about the decisions their kids are making or worrying that they might make poor decisions in the future such as doing drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking and driving, or bullying others. However, the one thing that they have to understand is that decisions are made based on their beliefs—their mindset. Worrying is wasted energy and is another form of lack-based thoughts.

If a teenager lives from a place of abundance, they see opportunities in their life; they understand that they matter and that others matter too. From this abundant mindset they are much less likely to engage in behaviors that will sabotage their dreams, goals, and purpose. They know they always have people to support them and to turn to in times of difficulty. They connect with a bright future and are excited about life. Now that is something that every one of us can get behind and support!

Life is not always easy but there are always many options and solutions to every problem. When kids are raised and educated to come from this mindset they will seek the best of life and be an inspiration to others.

About the Author Julie K

Youth Empowerment Coach, Trainer and Mentor Julie Kleinhans works with parents, teachers, and youth practitioners by supporting them to empower the kids in their lives to be successful and embrace their own uniqueness. Get her FREE Guide for Parents and Teachers on What Every Kid Needs to Know to Be Empowered at


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