Trust and Teens: Keys to Creating Nourishing Relationships with Yourself, Others and the Universe

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In this audio you will learn the real energy of trust and how to create authentic trust between you and your teen/young adult children.

You will also learn the keys to creating self-trust and how self-trust impacts the relationship you have with your kids and the relationship they have with themselves.

Most important, you will learn what it means to form a deep relationship with the Universe and how this relationship supports you in creating the life that you truly want to live!

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Julie Helped Me Manifest My Dream Internship!

Taking Julie’s course has allowed me to watch my dreams manifest right in front of me. One of the most important things I wanted was my dream internship in the fashion industry. Within a short amount of time I got exactly what I wanted and it was so easy. I believed that the Universe would bring me what I desired and it came. Julie was able to show me how to do that!

Helping Parents Help Children

Julie is a present, attentive and focused interviewer, who is deeply dedicated and passionate about helping parents help children become all they are capable of being. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with her.

My Relationship with my Parents, Performance in School and Sports is so Much Better!

Julie’s coaching has helped me to become more focused and calm. I am able to perform much better in school and in sports. Through my experiences with her I have learned things that before I couldn’t even believe was possible. My relationship with my parents is so much better now that I understand how to manage my emotions. I have confidence in doing just about anything.

Enthusiastic and Knowledgeable About Kids

Julie is a fabulous host and interviewer. She is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about kids, that she inspires us all to give the very best we have to offer to create a better world for them. If you have an opportunity to work with Julie, I encourage you to do it. I’m looking forward to the next adventure with her.

Used to Stress About Schoolwork and Now I Get Great Grades

I used to stress about schoolwork and now I am calm and confident and get better grades all around. I am able to focus more on my work and it is not hard at all. One of my goals was to make the competition team at my dance studio and Julie’s teachings helped bring that into my life. It was fun and easy to do. I also have attracted friends into my life that are caring and trustworthy, which is really important to me.

Delighted to Participate in Anything that Julie Produces

Recently I was a speaker on Julie Kleinhan's telesummit. It was an awesome experience! Prior to the telesummit Julie's professionalism was exceptional. Everything was readily available for me to prepare for the summit, share with my list and participate in the interview. Then we had a dynamic discussion that flowed naturally out of interest and curiosity. In the process we both learned from each other. It was a memorable experience that resulted in numerous contacts and product sales. I would be delighted to participate in anything that Julie produces.

Much Needed Change in Education

I want to say that you are a beautiful soul, and I suspect a kindred spirit. I wonder if you fully see the scope of what you are doing, you probably do, and the far reaching influence. I know this will have a ripple effect, and help bring about much needed change in education, and in the world. My hat is off to you!!

Easy and Fun

I greatly enjoyed my interview with Julie Kleinhans for the Successful Kids Revolution. She kept the interview easy and fun, as well as kept it directed so that it would be as beneficial as possible to the listeners.

Genuine Love for Assisting Us All

I so honor and respect what Julie and her team are doing with Successful Kids Revolution. I was thrilled to the bone to be part of this vital, heart centered foundation for kids, parents and teachers. Julie is a passionate interviewer and her genuine love for assisting us all to be truly fulfilled was evident. Thank you again for being part of the revolution!

Personable, Professional and Caring

Julie Kleinhans took the time to get to know me as a guest speaker before interviewing me. By doing so, Julie was well prepared, very open and caring as she asked her questions. She was attentive to my answers and kept the flow going nicely, making sure that the listeners were getting a lot of great value. I loved being on the Successful Kids Revolution and truly enjoyed working with Julie; one of the best interviews I have had.

It is like Talking to an Old Friend

I was so honored to have the opportunity to speak with Julie for the Successful Kids Revolution. Julie's interview style is upbeat, warm and inviting. She brings a solid source of information to the interview and interacts so the audience really receives valuable information. I love interacting with Julie, it is like talking to an old friend.

From Skeptical to Accepting the Universe and Receiving a Great Job!

At first I was skeptical and wondered if this would be a waste of my time, but I then began to see how much it helped and I learned a lot about myself. I became a kitchen manager in downtown Miami and I don't think I would have gotten that position if it wasn’t for Julie's coaching sessions. Julie taught me how accepting the universe opens a vast amount of options and lets me direct my life in the way I want it to go!

From Paralyzing Fears to the Strength & Inspiration to Take the Next Step!

After withdrawing from college I was in desperate need of "the next step". I was in a place of extreme confusion with little direction as to where I now wanted my life to go. I started to develop and associate this paralyzing fear of "failure" or "more money loss" with any idea of moving forward. Julie has helped me to improve my patience, decision making, and my ability to deal with my emotions, refueling my drive and passion for life and giving me the strength to take the next step head on. She inspired me to not only dream again, but to turn those dreams into reality. There are no words to express how valuable and vital Julie's teachings are. I will treasure, practice, and carry them with me for the rest of my life.

Gets to the Heart

I have been interviewed by many people, and Julie stands out as one of the absolute best! She quickly gets to the heart of what you are about and what you have to offer the public. I highly recommend her!

Dedication to Supporting Our Youth is Sensational!

Being featured as an expert speaker in Julie Kleinhans' Successful Kids Revolution was a fantastic experience. Julie's interviewing style is engaging and her questions delivered a wealth of information for the audience. I highly recommend partnering with Julie. Her spirit and dedication to supporting our youth is sensational!

Life is Easier and so Much More Fun!

Julie is a loving individual with the unique ability of helping others find their hidden talents. I have been creating my future, finding my life’s purpose and using the power of my mind to create all that I want to experience. Life is easier and so much more fun!

Holds Me Accountable Without Being Pushy

I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Julie Kleinhans; her gentleness and competence shine through! I have been able to address and work through blocks so that I can reach for my dreams. There is an atmosphere of respect and support as Julie holds me accountable without being pushy, so that I feel encouraged. I love the positive focus of coaching. Becoming clear on what I want, and then making a plan of how to get there, is empowering for me.

My Son Went From Overwhelmed to Focused and Confident!

Julie Kleinhans has been an inspiration to my son throughout his high school years and continues to be so. As he began losing his way, feeling overwhelmed and pressured and not knowing what to deal with first, Julie was able to help him focus and feel calm and less stressed. She was able to boost his confidence with her “can do” spirit, and help him believe in himself, all the time encouraging his personality to flourish. Julie has a gift that draws kids to her, they see she cares and understands their feelings, and gains their trust wholeheartedly. So important with adolescents who feel no one understands them! She is their confidante and mentor.

No Longer Pissed Off and Know How to Be Calm and Collected!

When I first met Julie I was having trouble with my mom and in a horrible place. Now, I get along so much better with my mom, don’t feel like I’m always pissed off at something like I used to be and I know how to be calm and collected, which helps me to attract the same back to me. Her teachings helped me better myself.

She Lives What She Teaches

Hands down, Julie is the best interviewer I have ever come across! From the day I met Julie, I was inspired by her passion, dedication and knowledge of what is needed to help parents help children. We’ve worked closely together to create her Successful Kids Revolution brand and mission and throughout my experience with Julie, I know that she lives what she teaches. She is the kind of person I want re-shaping education and directing parents, educators and youth towards their brightest futures.

Become an Independent Thinker, a Truly Happy Person!

Julie has changed my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined doing by myself. But that’s just the thing…you do it all yourself! Julie teaches you to become an independent thinker, a truly happy person and how to make the power of your thoughts and emotions work in your favor. She showed me that whatever I want may be achieved through thought and action. Thank you for everything Julie!

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Dr. Margaret Paul Bestselling Co-author of “Healing Your Aloneness” and Co-Creator of Inner Bonding
Joe High School Student, Long Island, NY
Misa Hopkins The Breakthrough Healing Coach, Best-Selling Author and TV Personality
Jamie High School Student, Long Island, NY
Norma T. Hollis America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor
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Brad Yates EFT Expert and Bestselling Author
Susann Taylor Shier International Author, Intuitive Counselor and Founder of Soul Mastery™
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Tara Taylor Intuitive Counselor and Motivational Speaker
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Taylor High School Student, Long Island, NY
Melissa Lilly Heart Centered Media, marketing for your soul
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